Dental Crowns Gulf Breeze, FL

More Than a Filling!

Wondering how you can get a beautiful smile? Repair a damaged tooth and see our dentist for a dental crown. Dr. Nisarg Parikh may recommend a dental crown when a dental filling is not enough to repair a tooth. Crowns fit over the tooth and are shaped to blend in with your smile. If you would like to plan a dental crown in Gulf Breeze, Florida, or find out more about this restoration, call our office at 850-934-3408.

What Are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns can be made with metal or porcelain and can restore the damaged part of the tooth. Starting at the gumline, the crown extends over the tooth, repairing its structure. Crowns may be used if a patient needs:

  • To repair fractured or weakened tooth
  • To finish a dental implant
  • To finish a root canal
  • Improve the look or shape of a tooth
  • Support a smaller filling

If you are wondering if a dental crown can help your smile, meet with our dentist. At Star Smiles Dentistry, our dentist can examine your tooth and recommend a restoration. Whether you are visiting for emergency treatment or following a root canal or dental implant, a dental crown can help repair your smile.