Intraoral Cameras Gulf Breeze, FL

Catch Problems Early!

When our office needs to get a closer look at your teeth, our dentist will use an intraoral camera. These are used to examine the inside of the mouth while the patient is in the chair. The device itself is fairly small — about the size and shape of a pen. Because of its size, Dr. Nisarg Parikh can easily move it around without causing discomfort. By getting a good view, our dentist can see more of the mouth and catch any problems he might otherwise have missed. Catching early signs of periodontal disease and tooth decay help our dentist to provide earlier, more effective treatment and prevent them from getting worse.

The intraoral camera also allows us to take images of your smile. This is more than just helpful for diagnosis, but also helps us to follow-up with treatments after they have been completed. It is also helpful for patients who want to better understand their treatment. If necessary, Star Smiles Dentistry can share images with other dentists, specialists, insurers and the patients themselves. Learn more about how our office uses this technology to help our patients; give us a call at 850-934-3408, ask about our intraoral cameras in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and plan your visit with us today!