Dental Fillings Gulf Breeze, FL

Fill a Cavity Today!

See our dentist for a filling today! Dental fillings take just one office visit to complete and are a simple way to repair your smile. Each filling can repair minor damage to the teeth — caused by decay, fractures or other accidents. Enjoy a full, beautiful smile and restore your dental health with this restoration!

Types of Fillings

While in the past, many dental fillings were made with metal, today our dentist can use a tooth-colored material. This can be matched to the color of your enamel, to better blend in with your smile. Plan a dental filling in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and see how we can get you in for an appointment with Dr. Nisarg Parikh.

During your appointment, our dentist will first check and examine the tooth. Then he will remove any damaged tissue. Once the area has been cleaned, Dr. Parikh can complete the treatment with filling material. This material can be molded to the shape of the tooth. Before you leave, our dentist will make sure that the filling feels smooth and has no bumps.

If you have any questions about your filling with Star Smiles Dentistry, call our office at 850-934-3408. We will be glad to give you information on this and other treatments available at our office.