Tooth Extractions Gulf Stream, FL

Tooth Removal With Our Dentist

While extraction is not the first choice for our dentist, it is sometime necessary. Tooth extraction involves removing the tooth from its socket, usually replacing it with a dental restoration. This restoration, such as a dental bridge, implant or denture, can restore the look of your smile after your appointment. These appliances are also important for restoring a normal, complete bite and preventing additional damage to the remaining teeth. Dr. Nisarg Parikh can go over your options for restoration during or following your tooth extraction appointment in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Why Would I Need an Extraction?

There are a few different reasons why our dentist would recommend removing a tooth. Some of these include:

  • Overcrowding of the teeth, interfering with the health of your bite.
  • Advanced decay which has damaged a tooth too much to be repaired with other treatments.
  • Infection, or advanced periodontal disease, which has affected the tooth and the jawbone tissue that supports it.

During your extraction appointment, Star Smiles Dentistry will do our best to make sure you remain comfortable. Dr. Parikh can apply an anesthetic that will prevent discomfort while removing the tooth. To plan a tooth extraction with our dentist, contact our office today at 850-934-3408 and arrange an appointment with a member of our team.